Ideas in Testing Research Seminar Schedule, November 13, 2015

Coffee & Networking (9:15 — 9:45)

Welcome and Introduction (9:45 — 10:00)

Computerized Adaptive Testing (10:00 — 11:00)

Reducing burden when reporting patient-reported outcomes using multidimensional computer adaptive testing (Scott B. Morris, Illinois Institute of Technology; Michael Bass, Northwestern University; Mirinae Lee, Illinois Institute of Technology; & Richard E. Neapolitan, Northwestern University) abstract slides

Multidimensional adaptive personality assessment: A real-data demonstration using the 16PF questionnaire (Kevin Franke, Illinois Institute of Technology) abstract

CAT with ideal-point: Practical issues in applying GGUM to employment CAT (Alan D. Mead, Talent Algorithms Inc.) abstract slides

Comparison of Different Ability Estimation Methods for Strand Scores in a Grade 6 Mathematics Computerized Adaptive Test (Johnny Denbleyker, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) abstract slides

Frontiers (11:20 — 12:20)

Item Difficulty Modeling on a Logical Reasoning Test (Kuan Xing, University of Illinois at Chicago; Kirk Becker, Pearson) abstract slides

Modeling the Evaluative Content of Personality Questionnaires: A Bifactor Application (Samuel T. McAbee, Illinois Institute of Technology; Michael D. Biderman, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; Zhou "Job" Chen, University of Oregon; & Nhung Hendy, Towson University) abstract slides

Automated scoring of open-ended mechanical aptitude items (Alan D. Mead, Talent Algorithms Inc.; Diana Bairaktarova, Virginia Tech; & Anna Woodcock, California State University San Marcos) abstract

Lunch (12:30 — 1:30)

Employment Testing (1:30 — 2:30)

A comparison of different methods of detecting inattentive responding on self-report personality measures (Avi Fleischer, Tetrics LLC and Illinois Institute of Technology) abstract slides

The use of mobile for pre-employment testing (Erin Wood, PAN & Kelsey Stephens, PAN) abstract slides

An application of Pareto-optimality to public safety selection data: Assessing the feasibility of optimal composite weighting (Maxwell G. Porter & Scott B. Morris, Illinois Institute of Technology) abstract

Evaluating data (2:45 — 3:45)

Empowering Decision-Makers: Developing an Analytics Dashboard in R (Nick Redell & Kevin Kalinowski, National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners) abstract

A Bayesian Robust IRT Outlier Detection Model (Nicole K. Ozturk & George Karabatsos, University of Illinois at Chicago) abstract

Classification Accuracy with a Test Battery under Different Decision Rules (Ying Cheng & Cheng Liu, University of Notre Dame) abstract

Practice Differences and Item Parameter Drift in Computer Adaptive Testing (Beyza Aksu Dunya, University of Illinois at Chicago) abstract

Closing comments (3:45 — 3:50)

Questions about the seminar may be directed to Alan Mead (), Sam McAbee (), or Kirk Becker (). We hope you will join us.

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