Ideas in Testing Research Seminar Schedule, November 2, 2018

Coffee & Networking (9:15 — 9:45)

Welcome and Introduction (9:45 — 10:00)

Compute Adaptive Testing (CAT) (10:00 — 11:00)

Comparison of Item Selection Criteria in Multidimensional Computer Adaptive Testing with the Graded Response Items — Scott Morris (IIT), Michael Bass (Northwestern), Matthew Lauritson (IIT), Sheng Zhang (IIT), & Richard Neapolitan (Northwestern) abstract slides

Applicant reactions to AIG: A CAT AIG feasibility study — Alan Mead (Talent Algorithms Inc.), Sheng Zhang (IIT), & Daniel Stopka (IIT) abstract slides

Computer Adaptive Testing via Adaptive Table of Specification with a multistage consideration: A simulation study — Ye Ma (University of Iowa) & Johnny Denbleyker (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) abstract

Break (11:00 — 11:15)

Psychometrics I (11:15 — 12:15)

Evaluating Alpha/Beta/Gamma Change with Ordinal Confirmatory Factor Analysis — Sean Wright, Scott Morris, & Daniel Gandara (Illinois Institute of Technology) abstract slides

Evaluation of R Packages with IRT 2PL Dichotomous Model — Shuya Zhang, Maxwell Hong, & Ying Cheng (Notre Dame) abstract

A Pseudo Power Analysis for CTT Item Analysis — Alan Mead (Talent Algorithms Inc.) abstract slides

Lunch (12:15 — 1:00)

Research Discussion (1:00 — 1:30)

An Agenda for Psychometric Research Alan Mead (Talent Algorithms Inc.), Kirk Becker (Pearson), & Scott Morris, (IIT)

Innovative assessment options (1:30 — 2:30)

A Review of Games Based Assessment — Reya Green & Kristina Bauer (Illinois Institute of Technology) abstract slides

Automating Job Analysis using Natural Language Processing — Cavan Gray (Pearson) abstract

Automatic Item Generation: Methods, Applications, and Sample Statistics — Kirk Becker (Pearson) abstract

Break (2:30 — 2:40)

Psychometrics II (2:40 — 3:40)

Semi-Supervised Learning for Criterion-Related Validity Studies — Alan Mead (Talent Algorithms Inc.) & Daniel Stopka (IIT) abstract

Reviving Lord-McNemar's Estimated True Gain Score in the Modern World — Johnny Denbleyker (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) & Ye Ma (University of Iowa) abstract slides

Rating Scale Anlysis Using Ideal Point Response Process — Georgi Petkov (Bowling Green State University) abstract slides

Closing comments (3:40)

Questions about the seminar may be directed to Alan Mead (), Scott Morris (), or Kirk Becker (). We hope you will join us.

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