Ideas in Testing Research Seminar Schedule, November 9, 2019


Coffee & Networking (9:00 — 9:50)

Welcome and Introduction (9:50 — 10:00)

Personality and survey methods (10:00 — 11:00)

Estimates of Reliability in Implicit Association Tests — Arash Shokri, Margaret Burke, Frank Manibusan, Scott Morris (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Predicting turnover using personality items — Alan Mead (Talent Algorithms)

A Psychometric Model for Anchoring Effects on Self-Reporting Rating Scale Instruments — Weicong Lyu and Daniel Bolt

Break (11:00 — 11:10)

Test Security (11:10 — 12:10)

The Impact of Item Format on Test Security — Kylie Gorney

A Score Differencing Index for Real-Time Anomalous Response Detection for Computer-Based Linear Tests — Merve Sarac, James Wollack

An Iterative Unsupervised-learning-based Approach for Detecting Item Preknowledge — Yiqin Pan

Lunch (12:15 — 1:00)

Item Banking and Test Development (1:00 — 2:15)

Understanding your item bank: The Habitual Key analysis — Kirk Becker (Pearson)

Practical Application of File Processing and Generation for Analysis of Large Exam Volume Programs — Nicholas M. Williams & Tara M. McNaughton (American Osteopathic Association)

Taking item writers to task: Action model templates for creating complex item sets — Jason Schwartz, Emily Petersen

Break (2:15 — 2:30)

CAT and Model Selection (2:30 — 3:30)

Constructing a multidimensional CAT on-the-fly using unidimensional item calibration — Michael Bass (Northwestern University), Scott Morris, & Sheng Zhang, (Illinois Institute of Technology)

Modeling Student's Response Time in a Severely Constrained Online Adaptive Testing Setting — Tong Wu & Hua Hua Chang (Purdue University)

A Comparison of the Predictive Performance of Model Averaging and Model Selection Methods — Sinan Yavuz

Closing comments (3:30)

Questions about the seminar may be directed to Alan Mead (), Scott Morris (), or Kirk Becker (). We hope you will join us.

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